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National Appeal

 The fast in being done by the nation for the nation. We offer a general invitation to Jamaica at large to be a part of the fast. Most Jamaicans have in one way or another, been touched by the serge of violence in the country, and we now live in fear of being the next statistic. We all need to take a stand. We all need to join in the fast. The nation is being called to a daily 12:00 mid day prayer for the duration of the seven days.

Corporate Appeal

A special appeal to the corporate organizations to get involved, by selecting a day of the seven days when their members of staff will volunteer to abstain from food for whatever duration. The information will be submitted to the fast coordinator for ease of arrangements

Religious Community Appeal

The religious community will be engine behind the transformation. It is about time the church stood up voiced itself, and makes its presence felt. For years the church has been so divided by religion and denomination that we have not been able to unite for the simplest cause. If the church cannot momentarily set denominational bias aside, and unite this once to save the life of the nation in which we exist then the church would have served Jamaica no purpose.

Churches form a child watch groups in your communities.  Keep records of every child in your community under eighteen and find mentors for them.

 I ask the government and Pastors to sponsor 3 – 4 months training for persons willing to mentors for the child watch groups.  As well as sponsor training in counseling and social work for leaders of child watch groups, at U.W.I or any other tertiary institution

I appeal to pastors to stop being too busy to seek God.

Make it their business and obligation to encourage righteousness.  Stop making prosperity the focus of the church and let it be seeking first the kingdom of God.

Talk Shows

Take one month away from criticizing the nation, and criticizing the leaders.  We have all made mistakes in the past.

For a month try changing the negative tone of the talk shows.  Whatever a person hears for too long he/she will start believing.

Do something new e.g. ”What are you doing now?”


It is important to allow God to lead your lives so that you can lead others.  Listen to the voice of the people.  Appoint a pastor in the house of parliament whose purpose is to pray for our leaders and their assignments.

 They must be allotted funds to ensure this coming together of the nation against crime and violence and to seek God happens as needed.

 There must be a ‘Samuel in the Lord’.

 Give the church responsibilities with the communities and entrust them with funds to help in their communities that is an act of sowing to God.

Young People

Do something to help yourselves.  Stop blaming politicians.  They are humans and are subject to like passions as you are.

Do not put in man but in the Holy God.

Children must go to Sunday School/Sabbath classes.

Stop idling on the streets. Parents must help to keep the kids from idling in the streets.  Let them read a book, play educational games.  Do something constructive.  Join a youth club.

Love and Unity

Let us endeavor to love one another in Jamaica, care for each other.  Respect lives and properties each hand must help to wash the other.

Obey God and live.  Love God and put Him first.  How can we say we love God if we hate one another?

Called to the kingdom will have an anointing and prayer for persons who need it through out the days.

National Appeal    Corporate Appeal   Religious   Talk Shows   Parliamentarians    Young People   Love and Unity

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