Called To The Kingdom

Called To The Kingdom International

June 4-11, 2006

About Us

Thousands of Christians sleeping in the streets while fasting for peace in the island of Jamaica .
National Fasting for the Nation.

Called to the Kingdom is registered in the United States as a non-profit organization.

This is a call to fasting and prayer for the island of Jamaica.

Every Jamaican is invited to be a part of this event both local overseas. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will show Himself. We will gather these seven days to repent as a nation and cast the demonic forces of murder, death and oppression off the island of Jamaica in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Pentecostal Gospel Showers is asking all leaders of the country to put political barriers and agendas aside, also pastors and churches are asked to set aside denominational biases so we can come together each night to humble ourselves before God. Jamaicans abroad are encouraged to come home and be apart of the supernatural move of God.

The Vision

The vision is the brainchild of Evangelist Carone Gordon, Founder and Director of Foundation for the Empowerment of Troubled Teens, an NGO based in Pentecostal Gospel Showers, Riverton Meadows, Kingston, Jamaica. The assembly is under the pastor ship of Dr. and Reverend Philbert and Millicent Bailey. Evangelist Carone Gordon, a young woman with a passion for the youths of our society, and a desire to see Jamaica reclaimed, has given herself to seek the face of God concerning our nation. Now the God of heaven and earth has spoken. However she envisions the move to be greater than one individual or any one denomination. We need all the churches of all denominations to unite to make this happen.  It is not about where it’s from.  It is about what it is for, the purpose.


  1.                   To realize a reduction in the national crime rate for 2005, and beyond, in comparison to the figures for 2004.

 2.                   To bring emotional and mental settlement to persons whose loved ones have been victims of violence, by offering free counseling on location daily, as well as follow up counseling. Statistics have shown that high percentage of the murders committed, are usually reprisal killing, performed by close friends or relatives of the deceased. we encourage persons of the medical profession to volunteer their services at these events. NGO`S will becalled upon to offer the services of their professional counselors for the duration of the fast.

 3.                   To have the church make a significant tangible contribution to the local crime fighting effects by donating to the Jamaica Constabulary Force a piece of well needed equipment to aid in increasing the efficiency with which crimes are investigated and justice brought.

 4.                   To bring the nation back into reconciliation with God, through seven days of national fasting and prayer with nightly assemble for corporate prayer and word ministry.

 Recovery of illegal guns on the street of Jamaica, by a one day Amnesty to be declared by the Prime Minister of Jamaica during the week of national fasting



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